1. How we were selected to manage your real estate(Required)


2. To what extent do you agree with the following statements

The real estate supervisor was disciplined in managing the property(Required)
Treat the property supervisor professionally(Required)
The property supervisor was helpful in providing you with all the data and notes on the property(Required)

3. How to evaluate the quality of the service we provide in real estate property management in general(Required)
4. How much do you rate your property supervisor(Required)
5. What is your impression about the speed and mechanism of solving the problems facing the property(Required)
6. How satisfied are you with the cleaning and follow-up of your property(Required)

7.Has the emergency maintenance work been handled in the right time and speed(Required)
8. How satisfied are you with the speed of transferring rents in your account after receiving them from tenants(Required)
9. Are you going to nominate us for a friend or colleague of yours(Required)