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It is a leading institution in its field that believes in what it offers to its customers with the help of an integrated team of engineers and technicians with the latest technology and programming, ensuring you all means of security and safety.

Surveillance Systems

In this era, it is one of the most important areas of security and safety, due to the need to monitor business and homes in our daily lives through mobile phones in all places


Establishing devices and servers, connecting the internal network, and making relay devices for the Internet and mobile

Remote Control Systems

By opening and closing doors and controlling entry and exit through devices (Access Control – Intercom)

Fingerprint devices

Fingerprint devices to control the attendance and departure times of employees and make a daily and monthly report

Central devices

For ease of dealing and communication with employees in the company

Computers & Printers

Through programming and maintaining the computer, making the necessary updates, and updating the antivirus and the virus to be at the highest level of protection

Operation & Maintenance

  • Installation and maintenance We work in the group of business interweaving at your convenience through the supply of devices, installation and the work of plans in coordination with the project engineers at the best prices and the highest quality and the fastest time as we appreciate your time.
  • Follow-up maintenance. The group seeks to gain the trust of customers, so we always strive to ensure the maintenance of devices and their safety from defects, and there is urgent maintenance in case of emergency.

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