Customer first

Therefore, we have dedicated a special service to follow up complaints and suggestions and directly connected with the relevant supervisors to deliver all complaints and suggestions and address them quickly, in coordination with with the relevant departments

The services we offer

  1. Professional real estate marketing.
  2. Professional property and facilities management.
  3. Virtual roaming photography
  4. Sales mechanism and marketing plan
  5. Management of associations of the owners union .
  6. Maintenance reports

01 Professional real estate marketing.

In the Business Network Group, we use the best modern real estate marketing methods and develop special platforms to reach the highest number of customer requests and offers, which are processed through a program to save the database of real estate requests and offers and process them automatically with artificial intelligence technology to ensure that our customers benefit from the databases, whether by finding real estate and facilitating their appropriate service to them or by marketing their properties.

02 Professional property and facilities management

We are convinced that real estate and leased buildings need special attention to tenants and direct control over the building procedures and follow up any problems faced by tenants and the building to ensure that the building continues to be fully occupied and not destroyed in order to maintain its market value and its best investment conditions using the best programs for property management and follow-up:

  • Collecting rents and making execution lease contracts and documenting them in the Ejar platform of the Ministry of housing.
  • Follow-up maintenance work and provide periodic and sudden spare parts through a specialized maintenance team and provide the necessary cleaning work.
  • Manage the entire building and provide all the personnel required
    The building and its facilities.

03 Virtual roaming photography

This modern technology from manasat real estate company allows you to photograph the property with three-dimensional technology enhanced with virtual reality, which allows real estate street view with high-resolution 4K clarity through mobile devices and tablets and can be viewed using augmented virtual reality (VR) glasses, which shows the details of the property in a wonderful way eliminates the need to visit the property and this service contributes to the presentation of real estate to the largest target segment in a short time.

04 Sales mechanism and marketing plan

Tashabak business group for property management has a professional electronic marketing team equipped with the latest marketing tools through social media platforms and has the ability to deal with events and interact with them and has the ability to deal with events and interact experience in reaching potential customers to market the property.

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